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There are a variety of training options for faculty which include face-to-face workshops, one-on-one help, webinars, video tutorials, and self-paced training options.

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Welcome to Canvas Course

CCSF Faculty Resource Center

CCSF Faculty Resource Center in Canvas:

CCSF Canvas Community

Join our growing CCSF Canvas Community (Group) to share best practices, tips and tricks, network with peers, and collaborate on projects related to Canvas.

In-Person Help at TLC

Face-to-Face Trainings

Check out the TLC calendar for upcoming workshops at Batmale 313.

Drop-in Help Sessions

The Drop-In Help Sessions do not include formal instruction but are a chance to develop your Canvas course with TLC Coordinator or lab aides on hand to answer questions. We have 20 PC and 3 Mac computers for faculty use. Student lab aides are available during all open hours and they are skilled in CANVAS, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Internet browsers, the college email systems, and more.

One-on-One Appointments

Sign up for an individual appointment with TLC Coordinator, Monica Landeros, for help with Canvas. Shannon Nixon and Lisa Yamashiro, Distance Learning & Teaching Specialistsare available to support online faculty. Feel free to make an appointment with any of our team.

Getting Ready for Spring 2018

CCSF Online Course Support Center

For info about CCSF Help Desk, RAM ID, Canvas Support resources

How to "Copy a Canvas Course from Semester to Semester" - click button below for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Copy a Canvas Course from Semester to Semester

Or tune into these tutorial videos:

Canvas Import Course Content

Course Import Tool

Training Options

Canvas Tutorial "Up and Running with Canvas 2015" from

  1. To get set up with the Professional Learning Network, and Lynda, please complete the following steps:
    Visit the Learn page on the Professional Learning Network website. You must have an account with the PLN to access (and all the features of the PLN), so please create one (or log in if you have already done so) here.
    You will be sent an email to verify your email address within 30 minutes of creating your account. If you do not receive it within that time, please check your junk/spam folder as they sometimes route there. If you do not receive it at all, please send an email
  2. Once you have verified your email address proceed back to the Learn page.
  3. Click on the “Click here for Lynda”
    link above the Lynda introduction video.
  4. You will be asked if you are a current user- choose yes.
    At this point you must contact at 888-335-9632 so they can move your history over. We apologize for the inconvenience of this step, but it is a migration issue on the backend with as it relates to CCSF that makes this necessary.
  5. You should now be able to access, with your history, and navigate it as you did before. Please note: moving forward, you MUST enter via the Learn page on the PLN website.
  6. If you experience any error messages, or any other issues, in regard to please contact at

Video tutorial course: Up and Running with Canvas 2015


Canvas Fundamentals

  • CCSF Q & A Session with trainer Shauna Vorkink, 6/22/16

Canvas Fundamentals Q&A


"Intro to Teaching with Canvas"

from @One Project (FREE)

This course introduces you how to teach using the Canvas learning management system by Instructure. You will learn how the system works through a series of curated readings and recall what you have learned through formative quizzes. You will also be provided with an opportunity to practice what you have learned through a series of hands-on exercises focused on the subject you teach.

Sign up for FREE through the @One Project to participate in facilitated, asynchronous online course offerings.

Register for @One Canvas facilitated course

More Canvas Resources

How to Log-In

Steps for new faculty to log-in to Canvas


Go to

Username: CCSF username, example: dmarkham

Your Canvas password is your RAM ID password.


Go to

Username: CCSF ID, examples: W12345678 or @12345678

Your Canvas password is your RAM ID password.

RAM ID instructions for your students (Google Doc)

NOTE: If an employee is also a student then log in as an employee.

Canvas Apps

For teachers and students, use the free Canvas App from your mobile devices for full functionality:

Canvas App for Android

Canvas App for iPhone & iPad

For teachers, use the free SpeedGrader app to grade on-the-go:

SpeedGrader App for Android

SpeedGrader App for iPhone & iPad

Connecting with Canvas Conference

A One-Day Conference for Canvas Teachers and Learners
Santa Rosa Junior College

May 14, 2016

Conference Resources

Create a Simple Canvas Course

Archived Webinars

Click here for more help with Canvas, VoiceThread, SoftChalk, and more:

Archived Webinars/Recordings

External Tools for Canvas

VoiceThread in Canvas

for Tech-Enhanced and Online

CCSF has a site license to VoiceThread, providing you with a simple workflow to incorporate this multimedia tool into Canvas to engage students with dynamic, asynchronous conversations around media using voice, video, or text.

TLC VoiceThread Webpage


SoftChalk Cloud

for Tech-Enhanced and Online

Create-your-own digital lessons by combining your own materials with interactive learning content and rich media. The mixture of personalized content, embedded assessment, and interactivity will increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Faculty who teach fully online courses or tech-enhanced courses can click here to request for a CCSF SoftChalk Cloud account.

SoftChalk Webinar Calendar

SoftChalk Video Tutorials

SoftChalk Cloud Website


for Online Students

• NetTutor is seamlessly integrated within Canvas, which allows students to access the service with single-sign-on functionality.

• All NetTutor tutors are U.S. educated, trained tutors with prior teaching and/or tutoring experience and perform online tutoring services from a single U.S.-based facility.
• NetTutor staff use the same learning materials as students to provide support that is tailored to their needs.
• NetTutor tutors are available to assist students 24/7/365.
• The NetTutor Director works with each client to co-create the “rules of engagement” (ROE), which outlines how the tutors will interact with students. In this way, faculty has the opportunity to customize NetTutor to ensure it will help students succeed.
• The NetTutor whiteboard interface (the WorldWideWhiteboard®) contains a broader set of subject-specific symbols and tools than that used by any other online tutoring service.
• NetTutor provides online tutoring expertise in the most subject areas, including Information Technology, Nursing Programs, and Allied Health.

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